TIRITERA design is an Italian brand and our goal is to develop a line of products wich is 100% Italian design. “We have worked from the beginning to select our suppliers and to find the right skills and expertise. Finally the 2017 collections are designed, printed and manufactured in Italy. Quality is the top priority and we do our best to design and produce our accessories carefully: they are made in 100% natural cotton woven near Milano and printed and manufactured near Como, a city with a strong history in the textile industry. As for our design, we don’t follow trends, but rather we try to build a personal graphic language, that is contemporary but aims at becoming classic”.

Color is the line guide of our TIRITERA work: “ We have built our design on a personal use of colours and we never use them to reproduce reality but rather to create a special Tiritera world. We are inspired by courageous colours as well as bright and unespected contrasts”. The Tiritera palette is modern and relevant, made up by colours matched in different, vibrant combinations: elegant, warmth, classic, sunny, gentle, vintage, fresh...choose your favourite!