TIRITERA design is a brand founded by Federica e Teresa, Italian architects who live and work in Milan and Rome and who met in Paris, where both were studying design. Two years ago they decided to start a new creative project: refresh everyday fashion and home textile accessories by creating a personal style that mixes up patterns, shapes and colours in a contemporary and vibrant way (and with a touch of fun).

“The first inspiration is in the Italian cities where we live and that we love, their buildings and monuments, off course because we are architects, but also the special things that reveal the spirit and the mood of the cities: the lightness of the pines of Rome, the boots as dress code on a rainy day in Venice, the elegant 1950’s style in a swimming pool in Capri, the texture of the watermelons in a farm market...everything that surprises, charms and amuses us can be a suggestion for our design”.

Discover the Tiritera design collections, you will love Tiritera accessories!